Making Each Little Detail Perfect

A comprehensive asset management system that monitors a company's physical assets across the entire organisation

Planning and Consultation

We help companies to plan out the entire asset tracking process, analysis cost and benefits and recommend the most efficient and cost-effective way to keep track of all the assets.

Asset management is a route best travelled with a guide – and a mixture of both proven methods and conscious innovation are the marks of a comprehensive approach. During the process, one of the most valuable resources that an individual or corporation can hope for is a clear and measured approach to asset tracking. Therefore, we at myAsset make it a point to provide as much clarity as we can during the all-important planning phase of approaching asset management.

It begins by running the numbers. During our planning and consultation service period; we begin with expert guidance; relaying a world of experience bolstering our decisions and recommendation; our team will guide you through an analysis of the full costs and benefits involved in our potential plan for your business.

In short; we explain in real and tangible terms why you can be secure in our handling of your assets. Once this is established, we can begin innovative thinking, laying out your options and acting as a more generalise resource point. And as always, we’re looking to identify and describe the most efficient and cost-effective way to track your assets during the process of fixed asset management.

So if you have ever wondered about:

  • What fixed asset management looks like – from step one (asset creation) to the separation of appreciating and depreciating assets.
  • How outsourcing the management of these can create leverage and new options for you and your business.
  • How workflow and human resources can be affected by a proper assessment of each asset’s growth, change, and expansion – a whole “lifelong” approach to asset management.

…then we recommend that you sit down with the experts here at myAsset for a planning and consultation session that could potentially not only give form and shape to your asset management but also act as a first step towards broader goals and returns.

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Planning & Consultation

Asset tracking process in the most efficient and cost-effective way to keep track of all the assets

Pre/Post Implementation

Database migration, barcode label tagging and counterchecking them with the asset lists

Training & Maintenance

Training sessions to familiarise new users to extensive features and software updates

Fixed Asset Audit

Periodic stock-taking and audits, reports and reconcile all the physical assets